Thanatos to Eros

Thirty-five Years of Psychedelic Exploration

Myron J. Stolaroff

(Ethnomedizin und Bewußtseinsforschung / Ethnomedicine and the Study of Consciousness)

"Thanatos to Eros will serve the general reader and would-be researcher by defining the guideline for the proper and safe use of psychedelic drugs in therapy and in spiritual growth. It gives us not only many
beautifully presented glimpses of psychedelic experience as they are undergone by family members and friends, but also allows us to follow the further development of many of these people in the months and years following their life-changing sessions." (Alexander T. & Ann Shulgin, From the Foreword)

"This unique and provocative Journal is long overdue for everyone to read. Myron deserves a medal for his perseverance and honesty." (Jean Stolaroff)

"A true heroic journey into the vast realm of consciousness. An important story of a psychedelic elder." (Christian Rätsch, Editor of 'Gateway to Inner Space')


  1. Early Beginnings
  2. The Interim Years
  3. MDMA
  4. 2C-B
  5. Other New Compounds
  6. A Most Remarkable Compound, 2C-E
  7. Bummers
  8. Low Doses
  9. Family
  10. Good Friends Along the Way I
  11. Good Friends Along the Way II
  12. Special Events
  13. Insights
  14. Story of a Mariage
  15. Culmination
  1. Foundation Papers
  2. Stages
  3. Procedure
  4. The Nature of the Self

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